XMLStorage - a light weight XML library for C++, D and Java  (current version: 1.5)

This library is a light weight XML library written in C++, D and Java providing functionality to easily read, write and modify XML files.

The C++ version can use the Expat (also see the expat 1.x homepage) or Xerces C XML parsers to read XML data.
By default it is using an internal light weight native XML parser like in the D version of XMLStorage.
The Java version is using the SAX Parser of the Java Runtime Environment 1.4 and above.

There is now available an XML-RPC extension to execute remote procedure calls in server processes through HTML connections. It contains both a client and an HTTP server to easily implement client and server XML-RPC components. The code strictly conforms to the XML-RPC specification, so that you can interact with any other XML-RPC conforming applications regardless of the programming language (Java, PHP, ...). The C++ code can be used with MS VC++ on MS Windows and with GCC on Linux. The server implements a simple HTTP web server using WINSOCK, but can also be configured to use HTTPAPI. The client may use WINSOCK or WININET API to post HTML requests. You can find the source code in the xmlrpc subdirectory of the XMLStorage repository, documentation is available online in Doxygen format.


download C++ version:  (source and VC++ library files)

XMLStorage port to the programming language D:  (source file)

download Java version: (source + .jar file)


XMLStorage/C++ Source Code Documentation

XMLStorage/D Source Code Documentation

XMLStorage/Java Source Code Documentation

XMLStorage/C# Source Code Documentation


Single C++ source files:   (compilable with VC++, GCC and Borland C++ Builder on Windows, Linux and SUN Solaris)

xmlstorage.h xmlstorage.cpp xmlstorage-license.txt
xs-expat.cpp xs-xerces.cpp xs-native.cpp


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Subversion Repository of XMLStorage:   https://shell.franken.de/svn/sky/xmlstorage/trunk/

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