Bug 1317

       Fixed problem in properly dealing with postgreSQL quotations, preventing

       users of postgreSQL to use the product with schemas.

       (Werner - 20041208)


Bug 1789

       Fixed various problems with the HTML docs (typos, structure, content, etc.).

       (Werner - 20041205)


Bug 1814

       Fixed a problem parsing OQL WHERE clauses containing string or character constants

       including a question mark character.

       (Werner - 20041204)


Bug 1785

       Adds configuration of JDO using an inline JDBC DataSource by providing

       configuration parameters using a Properties collection

       (Werner - 20041129)


Bug 1791

       Added support for using constants in comparison expressions with bind values.

       (Werner - 20041129)


Bug 1804

       Castor JDO test suite now uses log level "error" by default.

       (Werner - 20041127)


Bug 1792

       Handling of SQL parameter binding and their order is now completely

       handled by SqlBindParser; all use of ParamInfo maps has been removed.

       (Werner - 20041127)


Bug 1788

       Added support for SQL parameters as part of IN statements in WHERE clauses.

       (Werner - 20041123)


Bug 1790

       Added additional debug statements during binding of SQL parameters.

       (Werner - 20041122)


Bug 1764

       Extends new SQL parameter binding code to SimpleQueryExecutor.

       (Werner - 20041018)


Bug 1752

       Re-anabled support for LIMIT clauses for MS SQL Server.

       (Werner - 20040928)


Bug 1221

       Added support for LIMIT/OFFSET clauses for HSQL, and extended HSQL-specific test case.

       (Werner - 20041001)


Bug 1733

       Added support for RDBMS-specific meta data in general. This is currently used

       within OracleQueryExpression to support the LIMIT clause implementation for

       Oracle 8.1.6 and above only.

       (Werner - 20040927)


Bug 1732

       Added support for LIMIT/OFFSET clauses for Oracle, and fixed problems with

       mySQL implementation (ordering of parameters).

       (Werner - 20040927)


Bug 1689

       FieldMolder now looks for is<FieldName>() methods for boolean properties, in addition

       to standard get<FieldName>() methods.

       (Werner - 20040917)


Bug 1511

       Added functionality to clear/reset the database configuration.

       Added functionality to configure Castor JDO via an in-memory JDOConf instance

       (plus a factory class for creating JdoConf instances).

       (Werner - 20040917)


Bug 1696

       Fixed NPE in SQL CALL statements with master/detail relation.

       (Werner - 20040817)


Bug 1677

       Updated list of available mapping types.

       (Werner - 20040811)


Bug 1500

       Fixes a problem with dereferencing members of Complex that are set to null.

       (Werner - 20040122)